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Customer Experience

We help employers from a diverse set of industries find and hire remote employees from Latin America. From virtual assistants to sales reps, customer service specialists and more; we’ve got you covered.

In a world where we are more connected than ever, the ability to speak more than one language is a huge asset. We help you find the right collaborator(s) with proficiency in English, Spanish, French or any other language that suits your needs. Save time and have immediate access to the most qualified, multilingual talent in Latin America.

Live Chat

Customers want to talk to you. Make it easy!

Serving customers in real time and can be a powerful tool to convert visitors into buyers or satisfy inmediate requests of standing clients. With Sprocket, you can launch and run a live support structure without the large financial investment and staff resources.


We deliver first-class customer service, outstanding customer interactions and higher CSAT scores while providing agents with rigorous training on language, accent, culture, and soft skills.

Our support services cater to different industries such as retail, law firms, e-commerce, banking, travel, healthcare and more.

Answering Service

A high-quality professional answering service can present your business in a positive light to new and existing customers. Our answering service representatives ensure the brand experience you provide stands out as truly attentive and customer-centric.

This solution is perfect for:

Help Desk

Looking for effective technical support services? Our hand-picked professional service team fuse logic and knowledge while providing simplified instructions to guide the user in fixing product issues.

We can provide a team that operates 24 hours everyday, providing troubleshooting, remote IT, software instalation or help desk services depending on your needs.

If you are in need of a specific service not listed above, we can help! Contact us now to find out what makes us different.

Why choose Sprocket?


We support your business.

Sprocket offers global next-level customized BPO solutions to help plan, start and grow your ideas.



EST/CST Time Zones, Cultural Awareness, Proximity to the U.S. Allowing real-time project management and efficient delivery rates.

Operational Excellence

We help you create the right solution for your needs, at the right time. Custom-built to client specifications.


Our average client saves 80%+ in Service and Operating costs annually. With the ability to scale fast.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We consider ourselves true specialists since we have the infrastructure and resources to make any client program successful.

100% Multilingual Staff

All of our specialists have extremely high English and Spanish proficiency. We only hire qualified professionals with demonstrated success.

Data Protection

Security & Compliance with U.S. Privacy Data Laws & Regulations.

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