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Your all-in-one recruitment, payroll & outsourcing service. We provide turn-key solutions to connect you with
ready-to-hire remote candidates that fit your goals in your time zone.

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personality traits, software and experience you require.

Build a Better
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Organizations trust Sprocket to deliver a wide spectrum of staffing services. Our team becomes an extension of your company by
bringing high performance and productivity tohelp achieve your goals.

Our experience with multiple platforms and softwares provides us the flexibility to adapt to
your organization’s environment. We redefine business resiliency with agile and seamless solutions to see our partners throughout the
pandemic. We ensure uninterrupted service for your business while prioritizing the safety and
health of our team.

Why hire remote employees from
Latin America?

Hire top global talent at a much lower cost than in the United States. Take advantage of our rich talent pool to help you build a more effective, inclusive workforce that fits better your unique goals.

EST/CST Timezones, Multilingual Proficiency, Cultural Awareness and Proximity to the U.S. allows real-time project management and efficient delivery rates.

What makes Sprocket


Cost Effective

Our flexible outsourcing solutions can allow you to expand your workforce while you enjoy COST SAVINGS OF UP TO 80%.

We care about our clients’ success

Through our people-powered solutions, we hire, train and retain top talent with a customized plan perfect for your needs, while delivering high-quality work quickly and effectively.

A Multilingual team

Our world-class service, offering multiple languages translates to a team able to support multiple markets for you; across back office processing and customer service tasks.

College educated

All of our available specialists have demonstrated college education and proven experience in their fields.

Shared Expertise

We share our knowledge and tools to help better manage and improve your business.

We Think BIG!

Our growing company is large enough to scale big programs. Our processes ensure that we will provide one-on-one service, giving you peace of mind while we focus on quality as you scale.