Leadership Consulting

Great leaders not only provide clear vision and direction, they inspire everyone around them to be their best selves and deliver their best work. We partner with executives, managers, and teams to develop effective leadership skills – often during career-making times. 

As a Senior level management in Business operations and Logistics with various multinational companies, our founder, Gabriel Morales understands from first hand the challenges you face as the head of a Company and can provide the tools so you can be ready to respond for both your remote and in-house based team. 

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Sprocket offers global next-level customized BPO solutions to help plan, start and grow your ideas.


EST/CST Time Zones, Cultural Awareness, Proximity to the U.S. Allowing real-time project management and efficient delivery rates.

Operational Excellence

We help you create the right solution for your needs, at the right time. Custom-built to client specifications.


Our average client saves 80%+ in Service and Operating costs annually. With the ability to scale fast.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We consider ourselves true specialists since we have the infrastructure and resources to make any client program successful.

100% Multilingual Staff

All of our specialists have extremely high English and Spanish proficiency. We only hire qualified professionals with demonstrated success.

Data Protection

Security & Compliance with U.S. Privacy Data Laws & Regulations.

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